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Frowein 808

Frowein 808After patenting their first cockroach trap ‘808’ in 1933, Frowein 808 has since developed professional systems for pest control, whether they are insecticides, rodenticides, monitoring systems or application equipment.
As more than 75 years ago, 808 cockroaches were caught with a patented trap during just one night, from then on, more traps and insecticides have been developed during the following years, while maintaining a high level of quality and a management system that meets the necessary requirements. This is why “808” is now a mark and symbol for biocides and for pest control, hygiene, materials, and stored products in rooms.

Development and innovation of Frowein 808

While continuously innovating the industry, Frowein 808 have developed the first ready-to-use food bait with anticoagulant against rats and mice in 1955, only two years after using for the first time aerosol cans for insect control and powder for crop protection.

During the next decades, they have developed things such as block baits against rats and gel bait paste against cockroaches, launched sprayers and innovated special baits against mice. They have also developed special insecticides for indoor use, insect growth regulators and many more.
Since 2000 onward, Frowein has launched a flexible rat bait station named the Contrax-Box “808”, attractant tablets for cockroaches, gel baits for ants and they have also developed a a new plant strengthener for treatment of storage potatoes.
Whether it is about bed bug monitors, mice and rat traps, or cockroach insecticides, Frowein has continuously improved their products and made sure the satisfaction of their customers in their main goal.

Their biocides are products known to have high effectiveness, but also are in conformity with environmental requirements. Their products can be used in the food and luxury food industry, storehouses, large-scale catering establishments, catering business as well as in public and private facilities of all kinds.

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