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earth coEarth Chemical Co Ltd is a Japanese company, known to deal with the manufacture and sale of insecticides and household products. Alongside these, they also develop products for other markets, such as oral-care products, air fresheners, or bath additives.

Since the company was established in 1892, they have always supported a safe, secure, and comfortable living space, a vision which can also be seen in their motto: “To provide the world with the highest quality products”. Earth Chemical Co Ltd believes that every person around them is a potential client, and so, their mission is to provide the best products and services, in order to satisfy the needs of their clients. As they try to identify the needs of their customers and with the help of all their departments, they innovate and commercialize new products that are guaranteed to satisfy the desires of their customers.

Development and segments of the company

Having several subsidiaries in Thailand and China, and several locations in Japan, Earth Chemical Co., Ltd. has the necessary means to develop and reach a global cover, as they have set their goal, regarding sales and development. Besides preparing for the future and expanding their market, they are also focused on social responsibility and environmental consideration. They also strive to further strengthen the trust of all their stakeholders including customers, shareholders, and suppliers. The constant development of the company is based on active communication between the employees of the group and through the consolidation of their sales and a maximization of the synergy between the company and its nine subsidiaries.

Since the creation of the company, Earth Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed operations in two business segments. The segment for household products is known for manufacturing and selling daily necessities, such as household insecticides, dental hygiene products, bath additives, and pet goods. They also supply drugs for infectious disease control, as well as agricultural and animal husbandry.
Their second segment, known as the Integrated Environmental Hygiene segment is dealing with the provision of environmental hygiene services including insect and rat control, cleaning, disinfection, and industrial waste disposal services for restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, and food and medicine factories, the design and development of quality assurance systems, as well as the provision of related consulting services.

By constantly developing these two segments and providing the market with new and innovative products, Earth Chemical Co., Ltd. has all the keys to steady growth as they base their goal on the united force of a great team, striving to offer the world their best products.

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