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DuPont logoDuPont is a science company that is dedicated to solving challenging global problems. while doing this, they are still able to create meaningful value for their customers, employees, and shareholders. Their businesses help provide safe, sufficient food; sustainable energy; and also protection for people and the environment. They have a dynamic portfolio of products, materials, and services which always manage to meet the continuously changing market needs of diverse industries. They are developed and spread in more than 90 countries, while the company is united around a set of core values, such as safety, health, and environmental stewardship, amongst others.

History and expansion

The business has been started in 1802 by E. I du Pont and has been developed by generations since. From manufacturing only black powder for 80 years, until 1880, to becoming the leading powder supplier to the U.S. government of the time, DuPont has always known how to adapt to the needs of their customers and help develop the leading industry.
In the late 1910s, DuPont took its fateful step into textile fibers, also leading to the development of nylon.
Constantly expanding, DuPont opened plants in Canada and Europe during the ’50s, while also starting to produce highly purified water for industrial or medical use, and becoming the world leader in the production of technologies designed to make potable water available wherever it is needed. Their expansion in different industries is also noted by the manufacture of medical products, such as X-ray films, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic instruments, and the world’s first patented laboratory mouse.

Nowadays, they are focused on agricultural systems that produce safe and nutritious food while reducing the impact on the environment. Also, sustainable energy decreases our dependence on non-renewable sources, and protection for the planet and its inhabitants. They have also committed to reducing their footprint, and encourage partners and suppliers to work with them to enhance sustainability throughout their supply chain and theirs.

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