Common windgrass – Apera spica-venti

Apera spica-venti

Apera spica-venti

The common windgrass (Apera spica-venti) is a panicle grass, normally perennial, rarely annual, with serious unions, that grows as a shrub.

Common name: loose silky-bent or common windgrass


The stalks are vertical or genicular, 30-120-cm tall. The autumn plants have more unions than the spring ones.

Apera spica-venti - small plant

Apera spica-venti - small plant 1

The cotyledons are thin, in the shape of a corkscrew.

The real leaves are flat, coarse, helicoidal twisted, with no stipules. The ligules are deep and cut into a head shape.

The flower is a mono-flower spikelet, grouped in big, rare panicles, branches after blossoming into wide panicles.

Apera spica-venti - flower

Apera spica-venti - flower 1

The germination period is during the autumn season, or during the spring season. This grass will only germinate on moist to watery soils. In order to germinate, it needs light and the germination period is 1-cm.

The blossoming period is June-July and the plant will grow between 1000-2000 seeds.

How to fight this pest plant

The herbicides that are recommended against the common windgrass are: Equip, Fusilade Forte, Pantera, Roundup, Sekator Progress.

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