CatchMaster – Professional Products for the Pest Management Industry


Catchmaster-PRO-StickWithTheBestEstablished in the early 1950’s, AP&G Co., Inc. is the company behind the CatchMaster brand. They have grown throughout these years and now distribute their products in over 70 countries. The quality and diversity of their products is already legendary, going from adhesive traps of various dimensions, to traps that can also be used as monitoring systems against bed bugs. They also commercialise mechanical traps and traps for flies.

The roots of the company is based in the formulation and production of specialty adhesives, as the founder, Moses Frisch, was a chemist that started manufacturing adhesives meant for textiles, envelopes, od packing adhesives.

In 1977, after decades of expansion, AP&G introduced the Catchmaster® brand and started focusing on adhesives meant for use in the pest management industry. Due to their continuous research in this field, and the innovations they brought to the table, AP&G are now well-established leaders in the pest control industry and the products they manufacture are being sold and used globally.

Their knowledge in the area of pest control adhesives and related products ensures that the Catchmaster® brand is recognised as being the gold standard of quality and consistency.

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