Apple Mosaic Virus

Apple mosaic virus

Apple mosaic virus

This virus has been detected in numerous types of apples, but also in the vegetative rootstocks. Besides the apple, other trees can also be affected, such as: peach, plum, etc.


This disease is mostly visible on the leaves. The symptoms and the effects of the attack considerably vary depending on the species that has been cultivated, the virus strain and the environment conditions.

The infected leaves have irregularly shaped and sized stains, that are unevenly spread on the surface of the limb. The stains can have different colors (light green, yellow, beige, or almost white). The symptoms are severe if the temperatures are 18-22 degrees Celsius and un-noticeable is the temperatures are over 26 degrees Celsius.

The prematurely affected leaves will lead to weakened trees and this will affect especially the young trees.

Apple mosaic virus - affected leaf


The Apple Mosaic Virus spreads through grafting, through infected seeds and through reproducing and commercializing the infected vegetal material.

Prevention and control

We recommend using healthy grafting and rootstock, phyto-sanitary maintenance of the nurseries. Also, when the symptoms are visible, take out the affected trees.

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