Annual bluegrass – Poa annua

Poa annua

Poa annua

The annual bluegrass (Poa annua) is an annual herb, or annual-hibernating plant that grows as a shrub. It prefers moist soils that are rich in nitrogen.

Common names: poa, annual meadow grass, annual bluegrass.


Its stalks are shrub shaped, branched, with similar heights and it grows roots from its knots most of the times. The total height of this plant is 5-25-cm.

Poa annua - small plant

Poa annua - small plant 1

The real leaves are thin, of an intense-green color, 2-5-mm wide, a bit smoky. The young leaves are folded, the ligule can be 2-mm long, it is white, with whole edges that are topped off with a sharp tip.

The flower is formed of many multi-floral spikelets (3-7), that are oval-elongated, in wide panicles, 8-cm long, with open piers, and sterile bracts that are shorter than the spikelets.

Poa annua - flower

Poa annua - flower 1

The blossoming period is year-round, the plant produces between 500 to 1000 seeds.

How to fight this pest plant

The herbicides that are recommended against the annual bluegrass are: Adengo, Betanal Expert, Equip, Fusilade Forte, Pantera.

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