wood borers beetle heterobostrychus aequalis how to get rid of

How to get rid of Wood Borers

The wood borers Heterobostrychus-Aequalis are also known as wood bugs or woodworms. Some wood-boring beetles feed on living, dying, diseased, burned, damaged, or dead trees but do not attack harvested lumber. These species can cause problems when the adults emerge from lumber or are carried indoors through firewood.

wood borers beetle heterobostrychus aequalis prevent infestation with

Prevent infestation with Wood Borers

Several kinds of beetles damage stored wood, structural timbers and other wood products. These beetles come from at least 12 families and vary greatly in size, wood preference, nature of damage and other habits. The tunneling activities of larvae and emergence of adults can weaken the structural strength of wood and may destroy its appearance. It is important to know

wood borers beetle heterobostrychus aequalis information about

Information about Wood Borers

Wood-boring beetles include several families of beetles whose larvae feed on wood and wood products.  Wood-boring beetles play an important ecological role by tunneling through dead and decaying wood to aid in decomposition.

The term woodboring beetle encompasses many species and families of beetles whose larval or adult forms eat and destroy wood. They most often attack dying or dead trees. They are commonly detected a few years after construction takes place. The wood supply may have infected with beetle eggs or larvae, and because their life cycles can be one or more years, presence of beetles becomes noticeable, only after a few years. Normally, infestations are more likely to occur in areas with high humidity, such as poorly ventilated crawl spaces.