poultry red mites dermanyssus gallinae how to get rid of

How to get rid of Poultry Red Mites

As is the case with all other types of infestations, maintaining proper sanitation is the best preemptive measure you can take. In the case of bird houses, be sure to constantly check for signs of infestation, as well as use some form of preventive treatment.

poultry red mites dermanyssus-gallinae prevent infestation with

Prevent infestation with Poultry Red Mites

Red mites are parasites that live in your chicken coop and feed on birds whilst they sleep at night. These small but deadly mites feed on all parts of the chicken including blood, feathers, skin and scales. Red mite infestations can result in poor health, low egg production, weight loss and, in bad infestations, even death of the bird.

poultry red mites dermanyssus-gallinae information about

Information about Poultry Red Mites

Red mites, also known as poultry mites, roost mites, chicken mites, and, scientifically, as Dermanyssus gallinae, are ectoparasites (which means that they live and feed on the exterior of a host) that affect poultry, as well as other species of birds, such as pigeons, sparrows, doves, starlings, etc.

Dermanyssus gallinae, also known as the red mite or poultry mite, is an ectoparasite of poultry and other bird species. They are blood feeders which attack birds at night. Generally, they are white or grey in colour, but they turn darker and redder when engorged with blood. Populations grow rapidly, as their life cycle can be completed in seven days, as the mite goes from being an egg to becoming an adult. Due to their large number, they can cause anaemia in flocks of birds, and they can also spread certain diseases which affect birds. They can also cause decrease in egg production, or even death in younger birds.