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Information about Night Butterfly

Night butterflies are insects closely related to butterflies. Both belong to the order Lepidoptera. The differences between butterflies and night butterflies/moths is more than just taxonomy. Scientists have identified some 200,000 species of moths worldwide and suspect there may be as many as five times that amount.

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Prevent infestation with Night Butterfly

If you suspect that your home and its surroundings might be infested by the night butterfly and its caterpillars, you just need to take a close look at your plants. If you notice that your plants have irregular chew bites, then you might be infested.

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How to get rid of Night Butterfly

Night butterflies, also known as moths, belong to the order Lepidoptera, alongside diurnal butterflies and caterpillars, which are actually moth or butterfly larvae. Most moths are nocturnal or crepuscular while most butterflies are diurnal.

Night butterflies are part of the Lepidoptera order, together with the rest of the butterflies. They are also known as moths, with approximately 160,000 known species. Most of them are nocturnal, but crepuscular and diurnal species also exist. They are considered pests, especially in their larval form, as these caterpillars can cause severe damage to crops and forests as well. Some are beneficial, and are being purposely farmed, such as the silkworm, whose cocoon is of importance.