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Information about Lice

Lice are parasites members of the order Phthiraptera, that live off of blood and are the most known parasites of humans, living in their hair, really close to the scalp. They can also easily infest birds and other mammals, and can be vectors of diseases, such as typhus. Out of almost 5,000 identified species, 4,000 of them affect mostly birds, and 800 usually infest mammals.

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How to get rid of Lice

Head lice infestations can be a serious issue, especially for school-aged kids. In such an environment, these pests can easily travel from one victim to another and prove to be quite annoying for a couple of weeks.

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Prevent infestation with Lice

Lice are parasites, living externally on warm-blooded hosts from birds to mammals, including humans. Chewing lice live among the hairs or feathers of their host and feed on skin and debris, while sucking lice pierce the host’s skin and feed on blood and other secretions. Lice need warmth and blood to thrive and once they have found a host, they

Lice are part of the order Phthiraptera, which contains nearly 5,000 species of wingless insect. Their hosts include every species of bird and mammal, as they are parasites that live off blood and can even parasite humans, living in their hair, really close to the scalp. They feed a few times a day, but they can live 1-2 days without feeding. They are extremely contagious and you can get them if you get close to someone with lice. You can also get them if you use the same towel, brush or clothes as someone with lice. Lice normally spend their entire life on a single host, cementing their eggs to hairs or feathers, from which nymphs hatch in approximately four weeks.