grain weevil sitophilus granarius how to get rid of

How to get rid of Grain Weevils

Having to deal with a grain weevil infestation can be a troublesome experience. As grain weevil larvae develop on the inside of the kernels and emerge only in adulthood, after they have eaten most of the kernel from inside-out, you will discover their presence usually too late. Getting rid of the infestation usually means disposing of all the goods that have been affected.

grain weevil sitophilus granarius information about

Information about the Grain Weevil

The grain weevil, also known as the wheat weevil is part of the Sitophilus genus and Sitophilus granaries specie. It is an insect that can be found everywhere in the world and is considered a common household pest. It is part of the Coleoptera order, which is the ones where you can also find beetles.

grain weevil sitophilus granarius prevent infestation with

Prevent infestation with Grain Weevil

Weevils are actually beetles that range in size from about 3 mm to over 10 mm in length. They feed on plants in the larval stage and as adults as well, being very destructive to crops. They also attack stored grains and seeds, their damage level being often very expensive. They also invade homes, often in the fall, shelter there during the winter and leave in the spring.

The grain weevil (Sitophilus granarius) occurs all over the world and is a common pest in many places. It can cause significant damage to harvested stored grains and may drastically decrease crop yields. The females lay many eggs and the larvae eat the inside of the grain kernels. Depending on the grain kernels, the size of the weevil varies. The adults are a reddish-brown colour and lack distinguishing marks. Wheat weevils are a pest of wheat, oats, rye, barley, rice and corn. They are nasty pests because they are hard to detect and usually all of the grain in an infested storage facility must be destroyed.