Tulip breaking virus 2

Tulip mosaic – Tulip breaking virus

This disease is common for all areas where tulips are grown and it decreases the quality and quantity of the tulip production. This disease either affects some organs of the tulip plant, or it affects all organs. Yellow stripes, or discolored stains emerge on the leaves of the affected plants.

Onion yellow dwarf virus - wallpaper

Onion mosaic – Onion yellow dwarf virus

The onion mosaic is the most damaging disease for the onion crop and it is known to all areas that have a temperate climate. Within these areas, it is present in all countries where the onion is grown and it causes serious damages to seed grown plants.

Tobacco mosaic virus in tomato

Tobacco Mosaic Virus in Tomato

This is the most common tomato virus infection. This virus can affect both crop tomatoes, greenhouse or solarium tomatoes and it always lowers the quality and quantity of the production.

Apple mosaic virus

Apple Mosaic Virus

This virus has been detected in numerous types of apples, but also in the vegetative rootstocks. Besides the apple, other trees can also be affected, such as: peach, plum, etc.