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Pelgar – Leading the way in global pest control

PelGar is a British company meant to develop and supply innovative products to the pesticide market. They focus on rodenticide and insecticide products, using active substances that are available in a wide range of formulations, managing thus to provide cost effective control methods.


Mesto – Qualität Made in Germany seit 1919

Mesto is a German company with a history of almost 100 years, as they have been producing their sprayers since 1919. They have continuously expanded their business and developed quality products, which puts them in the top of the sprayer manufacturers. Mesto’s aim is to offer the best scope of sprayers, that can be used non-stop, every day, for a long time.


Igeba – First Choice Fogging Equipment

With a history of almost 35 years, Igeba has constantly developed their products into some of the most wanted on the market. As they focus on vector control, whether it is plant protection or disinfection of pests, Igeba has become a big supporter of the preservation of the habitat around us. Through their continuous research and development, Igeba is known to have high quality products, innovative ones, suitable for use by any of their customers.

swiss made

Birchmeier – Smart und Swiss seit 1876

Birchmeier is a Swiss company, established in 1876 under the name of “Trost & Cie., Metallwaren- und Lampenfabrik”. They have started manufacturing and selling hand and pressurised sprayers, motorised backpack sprayer, manual powder dusters, and granular spreaders, thus covering a wide range of ways when it comes to dealing with pesticides.

bird-x logo

Bird-X – Pest Control for Today’s Environment

Being a brand that focuses on humane pest and bird control solutions, Bird-X has dedicated its programmes to protecting human health, wildlife, and the environment worldwide. The company was created in 1964, in Chicago, and since then it manufactures a complete line of unique pest control products with an special focus on quality, efficacy and also customer service.

Bayer Logo

Bayer – Science for a better life

Bayer is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier, that deals with the areas of health and agriculture. It has a history of over 150 years, time in which the company developed and expanded in over 120 countries and now has over 115,200 employees, with 18,300 only in the CropScience part of the company.

eMitter FuturA producer

FuturA – Powered by visions

FuturA was one of the first companies to foresee that pest control with toxic baits will no longer be applied and affect the environment. In 2006, the eMitter was developed, being the first Permanent Monitoring System with energy-self-sufficient trapping.

Kollant – Curare le piante dell’orto e giardino

Kollant developed in the industrial area of Vigonovo, just a few kilometers away from Padua and Venice. Over the years, they have developed and specialised in the production of rat poison and products for the garden, and in general, also small-scale agriculture.


GNLD – A Better Way of Life

GNLD is a global health and wellness company committed to helping people take control of their health, not only physically, but also financially. With over 50 years of experience, and currently operating in over 50 countries, GNLD’s motto is ‘A Better Way of Life.’ Its mission is to improve lives by offering the highest quality products and the best business opportunities

Frowein 808

Frowein 808 – FROWEIN GMBH & CO. KG

After patenting their first cockroach trap ‘808’ in 1933, Frowein has since developed professional systems for pest control, whether they are insecticides, rodenticides, monitoring systems or application equipment. Whether it is about bed bug monitors, mice and rat traps, or cockroach insecticides, Frowein has continuously improved their products and made sure the satisfaction of their customers in their main goal.

DuPont logo

DuPont – The miracles of science

DuPont is a science company which is dedicated to solving challenging global problems. while doing this, they are still able to create meaningful value for its customers, employees and shareholders. Their businesses help provide safe, sufficient food; sustainable energy; and also protection for people and the environment.

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