cherry tree prunus avium

Cherry tree – Information, tips for growing and looking after this fruit tree

The cherry tree (Prunus avium) has been planted since ancient times because of its delicious fruits. The cherries are the first fresh fruits that grow during spring. The cherry tree can grow anywhere, regardless of the geographic positioning. This tree grows a powerful root, a straight stem, with an exfoliating, smooth bark. Its leaves are large and coarse, with dentated edges.

viola violaceae - saintpaulia

Viola saintpaulia – Information, tips for growing and looking after this flower

Saintpaulia it is a decorative plant, thank to its flowers, that originated from the Usambara mountains from East Africa, this is why this flower is also known as the African violet.If it’s well taken care of, it can have flowers all year round. Its flowers are round or heart-shaped, with the superior side covered by a green fluff, while as the inferior side is red or green.

japanese rose hibiscus rosasinensis

Japanese rose – Information, tips for growing and looking after this flower

The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the most beloved room grown plant, it originated from tropical Asia, it is also known as the Chinese hibiscus or Shoeblackplant. Its flowers are funnel shaped and can be singular or grouped flowers. These flowers have a large variety of color, from red, pink, white, to yellow and orange. The flowers only live one day, but new ones grow on a permanent basis from spring until autumn.