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Our Team, Our Business

Nexles is a global brand, and a representative of the largest manufacturers of pest control products, at a European and worldwide level. It is also one of the market leaders in the distribution segment of public hygiene products, equipment and instructions in fighting pests in or around inhabited areas. Nexles has reached this status based on the experience gathered in the last 10 years, while being pest control operators and product suppliers for both amateur and professional users, and has reached a turnover of 2.1million EUR in 2016.
It has served over 80.000 clients in the last 6 years, distributing branded products from companies such as Bayer, Syngenta, PelGar, Frowein, CatchMaster, Victor Woodstream, Earth Care, EarthChemical Co, Dupont, Kwizda, B.Braun - to name only a few. Starting 2013, we have also recommended and supplied hardware and machinery from world renowned manufacturers such as Igeba, Tifone, Mesto, Birchmeier, Volpi, Stihl and Solo.

The business mostly operates online, through an online shop with blog and forum, that offers a complete range of products and full needed “do it yourself” information and advice for pest control methods. We have implemented this direct online support in 2013, and it is since sustained by our in-house experts for any questions our clients might have. We also offer assistance for issues related to starting gardens and going up to household flowers, plants and trees.

Our headquarter is in Bucharest, Romania, where we also have a shop and warehouse. In early 2013 we increased our brand value by opening this first physical store, and since then, our clients can visit us and pick-up the products they need, and at the same time, benefit from the advice our in-house experts have to offer. We are constantly developing new partnerships, as our products are being sent all over the country.

We supply almost all the Pest Control Operators, Hospitals, Prisons and Public Institutions in the country. For our foreign clients, we distribute our products all over Europe, in countries such as Spain, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria or Greece. In addition to 50.000 amateur users that we supplied up until now, we also deliver our products to hospitals, prisons and other public institutions, reaching pest control operators and other end users all over Europe.

As we mostly deal online, our unique website visitors have expanded in the last years, as we have had a constant growth in the market of pest control. Developing our company, by supplying more diverse products and equipment year by year, and expanding on the European and global market as well, has led to a growth in our number of online unique visitors from 52,000 in 2011 to over 1,600,000 in 2016. For our customers, we offer assistance through forums and also offer service and maintenance for a series of products from our suppliers. Since 2016, Nexles has been sustained by 30 hardworking and good willing young employees, occupying positions such as:
  • general manager;
  • division managers (retail, PCO, sales, support, IT, logistics);
  • sales representatives;
  • web and software developers;
  • logistic operators;
  • customer care;
  • marketing;
  • driver and administrator;
  • service technician.
Our values are what drive our company to constantly develop and evolve. We care about our employees and our customers, we thrive to offer the best services and to maintain a fruitful collaboration with our partners and suppliers. All our efforts come from the few values we have set up since the beginning and which have helped us to grow throughout the years. They remind us that a positive attitude, professional services, innovative solutions and a bit of fun can take you a long way.
  • Encourage a continuous personal development within the company;
  • Have high, professional standard which leads to exceptional results, while we are still able to have fun;
  • Leave a positive impression on our partners and customers, after they worked with us;
  • Always look for solutions and ways to improve our working processes;
  • Maintain the ‘All for one and one for all’ mentality the staff members have;
  • Have the company resemble a happy family, by keeping our staff members joyful, happy, willing to help and play.