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    We thank you for the review given on Google+ with a 3% discount on any purchase made on our website, in the form of a discount coupon. The discount gets applied by mentioning the name under which the review was made, in the comments section, at checkout.

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    Volume discounts

    • For orders between €200 and €300

      Discount code: NXL-2%

    • For orders between €301 and €500

      Discount code: NXL-4%

    • For orders above €500

      Discount code: NXL-7%

    • To these ones, you cannot apply coupons from the discount coupon list.
    • None of the discounts are applicable for products in the 'Sprayers-Foggers' and 'Special Units' categories.
    • It is not possible to accumulate more coupons in your shopping cart.