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Innocid HD-i 42, 1 litre

Disinfectant Innocid HD-i 42, 1 litre


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Innocid HD-i 42, 1 litre

Innocid HD-i 42, 1 litre

Disinfectant Innocid HD-i 42, 1 litre


Out of stock

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Product information

 Innocid HD-i 42 is a liquid disinfectant for hands and skin:

 - Is ready (alcohol based) prepared for disinfection and hygiene of the hands in the surgical field;
 - It has a broad spectrum: bactericide, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal.

Way of use: for usual hygiene, rub hands thoroughly with disinfectant and apply the product according to the time of application indicated below. For disinfection in surgical field, rub the hands and forearms with disinfectant. For application with cooling compresses, mix the solution with an equal amount of water before use.

Ingredients: 100 g contain: 40.0 g ethanol, 2-propanol 20.0 g, 0.2 g bipenil-2-o.


Micro-organism Application time Norms
Bacteria: Hygienic hand disinfection 30 sec  EN 1500, prEN 12054
Bacteria: Disinfecting hands for surgical field  3 min  EN 12791
 Fungi  30 sec  EN 1275, EN 1650
 Tuberculosis  30 sec  EN 14348
 Viruses  30 sec  EN 14476


Additional Information

Treatment of hands, skin
Spectrum Bactericidal Activity, Fungicidal Activity, Medical Use, Virucidal Activity
Expiration date No
Formulations Liquid
Manufacturer Prisman
Actives Biphenyl-2-ol, Ethanol, Propanol
Packaging 1 litre
Shelf life (years) No
Weight (Kg) 1.0000

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