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The products shown on the Nexles online shop can be purchased by following some simple steps:

First, you need to choose the products you want to purchase, using the menu and filters located on the left side of the page.

The chosen products can be added to the shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. To complete your order, click the shopping cart located on the upper-right side of the screen, and then click "Checkout".

In the steps that follow, you will be asked more details about the delivery address and billing method, you will be given information relating the method of delivery and also the ability to choose the method of payment. These steps are well structured, but should you need further details, do not hesitate to consult our guide on how to place an order on Nexles.

Company details:

S.C. PestControl Expert S.R.L.
VAT number: RO 31008225
Comercial Number: J40/14657/2012
Invoicing address: Romania, Bucharest, Sfintii Voievozi street, no. 65,
1st district, postal code 010965

Please find below the bank details you will need to use in order to complete your payment:

Account Number: RO 06 INGB 0001 0082 1365 0710
BIC code: INGB
Bank branch: Unirii Ave, No 68, 3rd district, Bucharest

How to pay for your order?

Payment for orders placed on Nexles can be done through two methods:

• MobilPay Credit Card:
The payment can be done with Credit or Debit card, free of commission, but only in Romanian currency, RON. When choosing this payment method, you will be redirected to our partner that deals with the Card Processing Services - You will receive an additional 1% discount because of the currency exchange rate.

• Online wire transfer:
After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email with the details and information of our RON, EUR, USD and CHF bank accounts. You will have all the information needed to make the payment through an online or bank wire transfer.

How is the delivery made?

Our delivering partner is GLS International. Depending on the distances, below you can find the estimated timeframes for delivering parcels in different areas or Europe. The periods mentioned are shown in working days, which means Monday-Friday. 

  1. Hungary (2 days);
  2. Czech Republic (3 days), Slovenia (3-4 days), Slovakia (2 days), Bulgaria (2 days), Serbia (3-4 days);
  3. Poland (3 days), Germany (4 days), Switzerland (4 days), Belgium (4 days), Holland (4 days), Luxembourg (4 days), Liechtenstein (4 days), Austria (3 days), Italy (4-5 days), Croatia (3 days);
  4. Denmark (5 days), France (6 days), UK (6 days), Ireland (6-7 days), San Marino (4-5 days), Vatican (4-5 days), Monaco (5 days), Portugal (6-7 days), Spain (6-7 days), Canary Islands (6-7 days);
  5. Greece (5-7 days), Andorra (6-8 days), Gibraltar (6-8 days), Sweden (5-6 days), Finland (7 days), Norway (6-7 days), Malta (7-8 days), Cyprus (7-8 days), Estonia (7-8 days), Lithuania (7-8 days), Latvia (7-8 days), Turkey (7-8 days);  


List of discounts

Review on Google+

We thank you for the review given on Google+ with a 3% discount on any purchase made on our website, in the form of a discount coupon. The discount gets applied by mentioning the name under which the review was made, in the comments section, at checkout.

Google+ Review

Volume discounts

  • For orders between €200 and €300

    Discount code: NXL-2%

  • For orders between €301 and €500

    Discount code: NXL-4%

  • For orders above €500

    Discount code: NXL-7%

  • To these ones, you cannot apply coupons from the discount coupon list.
  • None of the discounts are applicable for products in the 'Sprayers-Foggers' and 'Special Units' categories.
  • It is not possible to accumulate more coupons in your shopping cart.