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odortec capcana flybuster muste - 3, thumbnail

Fly Buster


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odortec capcana flybuster muste - 3

  • odortec capcana flybuster muste - 3
  • odortec capcana flybuster muste - 3
  • odortec capcana flybuster muste - 3
  • odortec capcana flybuster muste - 3

Fly Buster

Fly Buster


In stock

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Recomended against:
  • flies
  • wasps

Product information

Flybuster Professional is a trap designed to control a plurality widespread flies species. With a high volume, this extremely effective trap has unique characteristics and flies are very attracted to her.
The bait it is a very attractive mixture made from fermented yeast. Being patented, this unique product attracts flies 10 times longer than conventional traps found on the market.
Flybuster has three cones along the length of its circumference so that flies can enter but can not exit. The trap is extremely efficient, producing instant results. Bait is also ready to use, with immediate effect, since it was poured into the bucket, flies being attracted immediately.
The bait is made exclusively from natural ingredients.
Recommended for use outdoors, for the protection of house perimeter, farms, parks, waste disposal, etc.

Professional Flybuster system uses an effective bait that attracts flies, made of yeast ferments and approved additives in food. The bait is completely organic (green), does not contain insecticides or other animal toxins so it is completely organic to the environment, animals and employees. A special production technique favored bait production in liquid form, ready for application and an immediate effect. It is distributed in recyclable pet bottles of 1.4 liters.

Flybuster Advantages:
- Efficiency: Reduces the number of flies by 80% -90%
- Ecological: no impact to the environment, easy to implement, nontoxic.
- Easy to use: no previous training substances.

Complete Trap Kit contains:
- 1 Bucket
- 1 Cover
- 8 Input Cons
- 1.4 liters of Bait

User's instructions:
Use the trap for catching flies and wasps exclusive. For 1.4 L bait in the trap 4L water. Bait will mix with water immediately activating the flies catching cycle instantly. Location of the trap is preferably outdoors, in infested areas, away from the area of access to people. Flybuster Professional can hang in trees or bushes or wall mounted 1.5 m above the ground. After filling with flies or after 30/40 days of use, it should be cleaned and refilled with the same mixture of water bait. The result of the drain can be used as a fertilizer. If the product evaporates in 30/40 days from filling, add water.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Z.R.Z.R.
Packaging 1 piece
Weight (Kg) 1.7000
Color Transparent, Yellow
Usage Area Outdoor
Trap type Attractant
Reusable Can be
Get rid of Flies, Wasps
Electricity Source No
Manufactured from Liquid
Dimensions No
Protected Surface No

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