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Victor Tri-Kill M944


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victor trap tri kill m944 - 1

Victor Tri-Kill M944

Victor Tri-Kill M944


In stock

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Recomended against:
  • mice

Product information

Victor® Tri-Kill™ Mouse Trap - 4 Traps

The Victor® Tri-Kill™ Mouse Trap combines ingenuity with simple logic: more traps in one place means you’re more likely to kill more mice at one time. In fact, the most common trapping mistake homeowners make is not using enough traps. 

With three traps in one, the Tri-Kill™ makes trapping quick and easy. The Tri-Kill™ is incredibly efficient—when one mouse is caught, other mice become curious and congregate to the trap. In fact, the Tri-Kill™ is the only multi-kill mechanical trap available on the market, and is based on Victor’s original, iconic, 1953 4-hole choker design.

The Tri-Kill™ is extremely easy to use. Simply bait, place and set. To bait the Tri-Kill™, turn the trap over and place a bit of peanut butter or another favorite food on the large bait trough marked “bait here”. This hidden bait trough also eliminates any chance of bait theft.

  • Three traps in one unit, for quick control of a mouse problem
  • Easy-to-use: bait, place and set by pressing each setting lever down
  • Large bait trough provided
  • Placement of bait trough eliminates possibility of bait theft
  • Flat side for intuitive placement

Place the pre-set trap with the flat side against the wall where mice primarily travel, or wherever you’ve seen signs of rodent activity. The Tri-Kill™ is designed to position mice perfectly for a kill as they investigate and enter the trap to take the bait. Once the rodent enters the trap, the loop closes for the kill. The trap can then be emptied and reset, or disposed of and replaced with a new one. To discard the dead mouse, press down slightly on the setting levers to free the mouse. To reset, place where signs of activity are evident and press each setting lever down until stationary.

The Tri-Kill™ can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors. It uses no poison or chemicals and is safe to use around children and pets.

The Tri-Kill™ is easy-to-set and use. Here’s how:

  • Remove the preset trap from the packaging and discard the plastic insert from beneath the trap.
  • Turn the trap upside down and bait with peanut butter or anything high in protein like chocolate or hazelnut spread. Be sure to use a Q-tip, toothpick or another tool to bait so your scent is not transferred onto the trap.
  • The trap should be placed where signs of rodent activity are present or along the wall where mice typically travel. The trap should be placed with the long, flat side against the wall with the entrance holes nearest the wall.
  • After one or more mice are caught, either empty and reset or dispose of the trap.
  • To reset: Bait, place the trap along the wall and gently press each setting lever down until stationary.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Woodstream
Packaging 1 piece
Weight (Kg) 0.3000
Color Black
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor
Trap type Mechanical
Reusable Can be
Get rid of Mice
Electricity Source No
Manufactured from Plastic
Dimensions No
Protected Surface No

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