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tifone fogger citizen 12 hp - 3, thumbnail

Tifone Citizen, 12 HP


Out of stock

tifone fogger citizen 12 hp - 3

  • tifone fogger citizen 12 hp - 3
  • tifone fogger citizen 12 hp - 3
  • tifone fogger citizen 12 hp - 3
  • tifone fogger citizen 12 hp - 3
  • tifone fogger citizen 12 hp - 3
  • tifone fogger citizen 12 hp - 3
  • tifone fogger citizen 12 hp - 3

Tifone Citizen, 12 HP

Tifone Citizen, 12 HP


Out of stock

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Product information

Tifone Citizen has a range performance up to 18 meters vertical and horizontal. It has protection strengthened hose with metal for high accuracy. The tank of the substance is visible on green shades and with a very high capacity of 300 liters.

Accessories that can be purchased separately:

 Automatic programmed cannon as angle and as vertical or horizontal position. It is the ideal solution for avenues, green space, fences, walls or any type of tall construction or hard-to-covered constructions by the conventional method. The advantage is that it is fully automatic and can be easily programd, thus eliminating the need for the operator to perform a work with 100 % productivity, and smooth and constant flow in angles between 15-220 degrees.

Manual or electric hose reel. It has a length between 50-100 meters and is highly resistant to physical or chemical substances, or high pressure. It is provided with a metal lance with an action range of 12-15 meters.

Aerosol Termo-Fog. This is a genuine combination between the aeroseol and the fogger which produces a fine nonpolluting aerosol mist. This way it can cover the most difficult areas with an increased range of 25 % without  the particles reaching the ground. Has two main types of emission:

- With a metallic hose for work in closed spaces or in basements;
- With Flexigun cannon for work against flies, mosquito or other harmful organisms with increased efficiency.

The Microdosage pump. Spraying is done with water in the special water tank, so the tank, the seals or the hoses are not touched by the chemicals and become much more resistant in time. There is no more need of cleaning after use. This pump adjusts depending on the dosage or the dilution necessary and the mix is realized in the last stage of the spraying process.

Electrostatic charging E+ -S. Electrostatic positive charging of the sprayed particles. These particles will be attracted by any surface besides earth, and will be attached to the plants, fences, gradients, the walls of buildings, providing a uniform spray.

Additional Information

Weight (Kg) 438.0000
Dimensions No
Manufacturer Tifone
Manufactured from Plastic
Apparatus Type Cold Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Vehicle Mounted
Tank Capacity over 30 liters
Power Diesel Engine
Color Green
Usage Area Outdoor

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