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Derby 3.0


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sprayteam fogger derby 3 - 2

  • sprayteam fogger derby 3 - 2

Derby 3.0

Derby 3.0


In stock

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Product information

Derby 3.0 is a product used for ultra low volume cold mist treatments for indoor environments or hard-to-reach areas with an equipment that is normally used for disinfection and disinfestation.

The Derby 3.0 appliance has a strong FIAC 3 HP electrical compressor unit, with a powerfull air intake of 400 litres/min. It also has a modern ST red painted 24 litres compressed air unit, mark of the CE, that is equipped with a 12 bar pressure gauge, a safety valve, a flow regulation valve and a check valve. This way the pressure can be checked at any time and the flow can be adjusted, maximizing the results of its use.
The solution tank is made of stainless steel, has a 24 litres capacity with a flow regulation valve, 12 bar pressure gauge, and a 2” ball valve for solution feed.
The unit can be carried around thanks to the 2 fixed wheels with 3, 260 diameter tyres that have inner tubes and 2 castors in front with a 170 diameter tyres, but also the frame that holds everything in place with a transport handle.
For its practical use, this ULV generator is equipped with a manual tube reel with sealed bearing movement, complete with 50 m of 8×6 double Rilsan hose and a 90 cm spraying lance made of stainless steel, with special air-water nozzle and mini ball valves for opening and closing the air-water circuits. The droplet size can be modified from 12 to 20 microns, depending on the level of impregnation the treated area needs. As for consumption, it can go from 5 litres/hour in light working conditions, to 24 litres/hour at max pressure.
The ULV generator needs to have a proper power supply of 230 V, 50 Hz.

Additional Information

Weight (Kg) 50.0000
Dimensions No
Manufacturer Spray Team
Manufactured from Metallic
Apparatus Type Cold Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Self Carried
Tank Capacity 24 liters
Power Electric Engine
Color Red
Usage Area Indoor

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