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industrial chemica larvicide proxilar compresse 750 g  - 1, thumbnail

Larvicide Proxilar Compresse, 750 g


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industrial chemica larvicide proxilar compresse 750 g  - 1

Proxilar Compresse, 750 g

Larvicide Proxilar Compresse, 750 g


Out of stock

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Recomended against:
  • mosquitoes

Product information

Insecticide - larvicidal tablets (compressed) effervescent, with immediate release based on pyriproxyfen. Product control of mosquito larvae in particular.

Composition, 100g of formulated contain:

Pure pyriproxyfen (Sumilarv) 0,5g
Denatomium benzoate 0,001g
Coformulated agents and water 100g

Proxilar is intended specifically to control mosquito larval stages (Culex pipiens, Aedes albopictus, Ochlerotatus caspius, ...) in all stagnant waters.
Through the effect of the active ingredient pyriproxyfen mosquito larvae suffer a serious alteration of development, regardless of gender and species to which they belong and the chrysalis stage, fail to reach transformation into the adult form.
Thanks to the active ingredient pyriproxyfen which is used as an innovative mechanism of action, different from other traditional insecticides (phosphoric esters and inhibits of chitin). Using Proxilar pills it's possible even to control infested individuals which at that time became resistant to traditional insecticides.
The biological activity against mosquito larvae is efficient when is applied in very low dosages, increasing the action time. Proxilar is not toxic to fish when applied in normal doses.

Dosages and methods of use:

Proxilar is suitable for the treatment of sewer, sewer covers, water hydrants and wetlands in general.
For the treatment of the sewer, it needs a tablet placed over the sewer, for other ponding it will need a tablet for about 40 litres of stagnant water.
For application of the tablet must have certainty that it's in contact with stagnant water, present in the outbreak. For permanent control of the population of mosquitoes it is required to introduce a tablet every 3-4 weeks.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Industrial Chemica
Packaging 750 g
Weight (Kg) 0.7500
Formulations No
Active Substance Pyriproxyfen
Active Substance Concentration 5g/1kg
Shelf life (years) No
Expiration date No
Get rid of Mosquitoes

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