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Ghilotina Reptiles Repellent, 5 kg


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ghilotina repellent reptiles 5 kg - 7

  • ghilotina repellent reptiles 5 kg - 7
  • ghilotina repellent reptiles 5 kg - 7

Ghilotina Reptiles Repellent, 5 kg

Ghilotina Reptiles Repellent, 5 kg


In stock

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Recomended against:
  • snakes

Product information

Granulated product with active aromatic essences to ward off reptiles from treated places without harming them or other animals.

Jacobson organ is an extrasensory organ located in the upper part of the reptile's mouth and is mainly used to evaluate the environment. This organ is used when the reptile uses its tongue. The repellent temporarily paralyzes the functions of the organ, making the reptile to retreat quickly.
The repellent is a of granular form and can be applied easily, by simply scattering around houses, cabins, caravans, tents, swimming pools, etc. so the reptiles will keep away from these areas. It can be applied around the gardens but not inside. Should not be applied on planted crops used for human or animal food.

To protect an area where there can be reptiles, first apply a small amount of reptiles repellent throughout the area. After 48 hours, the time needed to allow the reptiles to move away, reapply repellent along the perimeter on a wide band of about 15-20 cm.
Using this method, a container of 5 kg repellent protects approximately 3,000 m2.

The use of the repellent is recommended outside and offers protection for a larger area than with adhesive traps. Treatment is made marginally, all around the area intended to be protected. Apply a band of about 15-20 cm, thus preventing access to reptiles.

If reptiles already exist in that area, then leave a surface of 2 meters in length where the reptiles can leave. After a week close the area with repellent, thus totally blocking access to it. If the treatment is around a lake then the protective line must be placed at 1-2 meters from the lake, all around it. If the lake is very wide, make a "protection barrier" in the direction of the reptiles habitat on a larger length.
If it is clear that within the area to be protected there are no reptiles, apply repellent on a stretch of about 15-20 cm wide.
The substance can be applied in addition to water but not in water. To prevent the reptiles to reach and colonize the lakes, fountains, pools, etc. apply a portion of about 15-20 cm around watery holes.
It is advisable to use repellent, having a vapor emitting regulator which allows it to remain active for 2 months under normal atmospheric conditions. A heavy rain does not affect the product. However, after a prolonged and strong rain, the treatment has to be repeated.
When the characteristic odor of the product diminishes, its effectiveness is reduced.

Usage mode and dosage:
Loosen the product in reptile-infested areas, or where you want to prevent their presence: gardens, fields, stacks of wood etc. in doses of 100g/10m2. For effective treatment it is recommended to double the dose.
Repeat the treatment every 8-10 days or after a rain or potential irrigation for land protection areas.

Do not use for purposes other than those indicated. Preserve the product tightly sealed in original container in a cool, dry place. Do not store together with food. Read the instructions carefully before use. It contains inert materials and clay, active aromatic essences.
The product is intended for professional use. Use appropriate gloves when using the product.

camphor-oil 5%
coformulants q.b. at 100

Additional Information

Packaging 5 kg
Weight (Kg) 5.0000
Manufacturer Ghilotina
Manufactured from Plastic
Formulations Granules
Odor slight
Usage Area Outdoor
Destination use Professional
Get rid of Snakes
Type of effect Smell

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