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bird barrier traps door sparrow trap audio module - 2, thumbnail

Trap Door, sparrow trap + audio module


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bird barrier traps door sparrow trap audio module - 2

  • bird barrier traps door sparrow trap audio module - 2
  • bird barrier traps door sparrow trap audio module - 2

Trap Door, sparrow trap + audio module

Trap Door, sparrow trap + audio module


In stock

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Recomended against:
  • birds

Product information

Trap Door does not look and does not function as a normal trap. This is the result of three years of testing and development, which led to the marketing of a indoor birds trap more than efficient. It was designed to provide a discreet, gentle, hygienic and humane way of capturing birds in buildings.
When set, Trap Door will simply resemble as a welcoming food platform. The birds will stay on the platform until they press the shutter. At that time, the platform will collapse and they will fall into the lower part of the trap. When a bird is captured, it will remain in the trap until it will be released safely outdoors. Food and water can be left inside for bird protection.
Because the roof is positioned upwards when it is activated, it will be very noticeable when a bird is captured.
Birds tend to occupy large stores, because there are sources of food, water and shelter. Trap Door is perfect for these locations, due to the pleasant design and discretion. It is lightweight because it is made of PVC and is very easy to handle.

Indications for use:
- Trap Door should be placed on a shelf, hanging from a pipe, on a beam etc. In principle, it must be positioned very high and close to the birds activity;
- The birds will feed and drink water several times a day. If possible, remove other sources of food or water;
- Block all the spaces through which birds can communicate with the outside;
- Fit the trap at night when birds are hidden, so it will not associate your device with humans;
- As bait it can be applied:  food (bread or seeds), nest materials, water or live insects (the sound of crickets or similar insect noises are irresistible to birds).

Trap Door can be purchased with the audio module that attaches and will attract more birds. It contains 10 different programs running at choice. It works with 3 AA batteries, for a period of 4-7 days.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bird Barrier
Packaging No
Weight (Kg) 1.7000
Color Brown
Usage Area Indoor
Trap type Mechanical
Reusable Can be
Get rid of Birds
Electricity Source Battery
Manufactured from Plastic
Dimensions 31.75 x 29 x 16.5 cm
Protected Surface No

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