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Insecticide MaxForce LN Ant Killer, 25 g


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bayer insecticide maxforce ln ant killer 25 g - 1

MaxForce LN Ant Killer, 25 g

Insecticide MaxForce LN Ant Killer, 25 g


In stock

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Recomended against:
  • ants

Product information

application of MaxForce LNMaxforce LN Ant Killer is a granular insecticidal bait containing 0.05% imidacloprid for the garden black ant control (Lassius niger) and other species of ants; It is used on patios, walkways, paved areas and other access roads around homes.

Bait granules are based on sugar and ants will feed on them and at the same time, it will carry the ant to feed the entire colony. Thus, the ants will die in their mounds, so it is very likely not to find dead ants, visible to the naked eye. What you will see, certainly in a few days after the treatment is a decrease (up to total disappearance) of the colony's activity.

Complete eradication of the colony may take up to 2-3 weeks, depending on the specific conditions of the location. However, if exceptional events like another invasion from the untreated neighborhood or extremely heavy infestation on large, hardly controllable areas do not happen, the treatment with Maxforce LN Ant Killer ensures maintaining control of the surfaces treated for a period of approximately 2 months.

Pest/ target: Black Garden ant (Lasius niger).

Recommended dosage and usage: Maxforce LN Ant Killer will be spread mainly outside, along the routes of ants (generally very clearly defined) and in areas where entries in mounds cand be seen as patios, walkways, paved areas and other access roads around homes, garage and dependencies in the household.

For maximum efficiency, Maxforce LN Ant Killer must be placed in cracks and / or in areas where ant activity is obvious. Use approx. 8g per mound. If you can identify multiple entries, divide the amount equally.

Place the beads, preferably in areas covered from rain. If  the area that requires treatment can not be protected from rain, make the treatment at least 24 hours before a potential rain forecast. If it rains in less than 24 hours after the treatment or the treated area is heavily dampened (dew, etc.), apply the treatment again. If there are slightly visible mounds, place the insecticide exactly at the mounds entrance.

Place the beads in inaccessible places for children, pets and birds.

CONTENT: imidacloprid - 0.5 g / kg (0.05%).

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bayer
Packaging No
Weight (Kg) 0.0250
Odor less
Usage Area Outdoor
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations Granules
Active Substance Imidacloprid
Active Substance Concentration 0.5 g / kg
Expiration date No
Application Type Ready to Use
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Get rid of Ants

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