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Disinfectant Softasept N, 250 ml


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b braun disinfectant softasept n 250 ml - 2

  • b braun disinfectant softasept n 250 ml - 2

Softasept N, 250 ml

Disinfectant Softasept N, 250 ml


In stock

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Product information

Softaseft N is a ready to use solution based on alcohol for skin disinfection before surgery, before performing injections or venipuncture. The main feature of the product, besides its broad spectrum, is the quick effect, in 15 seconds, the antimicrobial persistence and the penetrability.


- The product is bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, acting against lipophilic viruses, rotaviruses, HBV, HIV;
- It is compatible with the skin;
- It does not contain additional components;
- When applied undiluted, it doesn't lower the effect of the product in the presence of protein, serum or blood;
- Due to degreasing properties, does not require prior skin cleansing with other products.

Usage mode:

- Preoperative skin disinfection, injections, punctures, biopsies, blood donation, venous catheterizations, vaccinations and sterility under bandages or plaster bandages;
- It can be used in all hospital wards, ambulance, dialysis and medical cabinets;
- It can be used to disinfect the infusion container.


If no other prescriptions, Softasept N is sprayed on the skin undiluted and spread with a sterile bandage. Water well the skin parts that need to be sterilized, let it dry, then remove the excess substance. Allow it to take effect for at least 15 seconds, and for procedures such as punctures joint, lower back, at least 1 minute.

Application time:

On skin with few sebaceous glands:

- Before injections and punctures at least 15 seconds;
- Before locoregional anesthesia and surgeries at least 60 seconds.

On skin with many sebaceous glands:

- Keeps skin moist consistently for at least 2.5 minutes before all surgical procedures.

Composition: 74.1 g of ethanol (100%), 10 g of 2 - propanol in 100 g solution.

The product is tested in vitro and in simulated practical conditions according to DGMH / VAH.

Additional Information

Packaging 250 ml
Weight (Kg) 0.2500
Manufacturer B Braun
Formulations Liquid
Treatment of Skin
Actives Ethanol, Propanol
Spectrum Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Medical, Virucidal
Shelf life (years) No
Expiration date No

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