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Disinfectant Hexaquart Forte, 1 litre


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b braun disinfectant hexaquart forte 1 litre - 2

Hexaquart Forte, 1 litre

Disinfectant Hexaquart Forte, 1 litre


In stock

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Product information

- is a concentrated disinfectant used for the disinfection and cleaning of medical equipment and surfaces;
- does not contain aldehyde and amines;
- actively against bacteria ( including MRSA ) and fungi, is limited virucidal (including VHB, VHC, HIV ) and effective against the rota- , polioma- , adeno- and norovirus;
- has a good compatibility with most of the materials used in hospitals;
- is also suitable for the food industry;
- is approved under DGHM / HAV and is displayed in the list of virucide IHO;
- is compatible with: metals, plastic materials, acrylic glass ,elastomers and floors.

Usage Mode:
- the solution is prepared with water at a temperature of maximum 25 degrees Celsius;
- moist enough surfaces and allow to dry completely without wiping;
- the disinfectant remains on the surface of the dried;
- it is recommended that, depending on the concentration and the frequency of the use of a neutral detergent to avoid that the surfaces to become sticky.

Composition: 100 g contain: quaternary ammonium compounds, 20 g of benzyl chloride C12-16 and alkildimetil, 7.9 g of didecildimetilamonium chloride.


Micro-organism Concentration Application type Dosage
Surface disinfection
according to DGHM
2% 5 min 200 ml/10 litres
Surface disinfection
according to DGHM
1% 30 min 100 ml/10 litres
Surface disinfection 
according to DGHM
0.5% 1 h 50 ml/10 litres
Surface disinfection
according to DGHM
0.25% 4 h 25 ml/10 litres
Tuberculocide EN 14348, in cleaned conditions 0.5% 4 h 50 ml/10 litres

Aspergillus niger EN 13624,in cleaned conditions

0.5% 1 h 50 ml/10 litres
Limited virucidal (including HBV, HCV, HIV) Surface disinfection according to DGHM/VAH    
Rotavirus Surface disinfection according to DGHM/VAH    
Poliomavirus 2% 1 h 200 ml/10 litres
Adenovirus 2% 2 h 200 ml/10 litres
Norovirus 2% 1 h 200 ml/10 litres

Additional Information

Packaging 1 litre
Weight (Kg) 1.0000
Manufacturer B Braun
Formulations Liquid
Treatment of Medical instruments, Medical surfaces
Actives Benzyl chloride, Didecyldimethylammonium chloride, Quaternary ammonium
Spectrum Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Medical, Virucidal
Shelf life (years) No
Expiration date No

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