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Agrilaser Lite, bird repellent

Agrilaser Lite, bird repellent


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Agrilaser Lite, bird repellent

Agrilaser Lite, bird repellent

Agrilaser Lite, bird repellent


In stock

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Product information

Agrilaser Lite is the safe and economic solution to keep the birds away and unharmed from commercial areas or areas where the bird control is crucial with a long lasting effect.

Agrilaser Lite is an innovative product of the latest generation. It uses a laser beam that the birds see as a near physical danger. This way they fly from the area that needs protection in search of more secure places. Agrilaser Lite repels the birds in the lighting conditions of 20,000 lux or below, including the cloudy weather.

 Unlike conventional methods for the birds control, there will be no effect of accommodation. After repeated use, the birds will know that the area is unsafe and will not come back.

 This product is developed together with farmers and research groups.


- is easy to use;

- operating range up to 1000 m;

- is efficient on sunny weather, fog, or conditions of rain;

- quick and easy results on the long-term;

- suitable for controlling a large number of bird species;

- friendly with the environment.

Agrilaser Lite is a compact product, easy, affordable and efficient way to repel unwanted birds. Due to its reduced weight and compact size, Agrilaser Lite can be transported in your daily routine to remove birds on  plots or land, anywhere, anytime.

 Agrilaser® products are used for controlling a large number of bird species: pigeons, geese, ducks, turkeys, seagulls, cormorants, ravens, etc.

The product comes with batteries included, with an autonomy of 2.5 hours.

Distance in light conditions:

The maximum distance in low light 500 Lux - 2500 meters.

maximum distance in the light of the 10,000 Lux - 1000 meters.

maximum distance in the light of the 20,000 Lux - 100 meters.

Laser beam color Green
Laser class 3B
Power source

2x batteries CR123

Power 3.6 VDC – 9VDC
Laser life autonomy 5000 h
Energy consumption 2 W
Dimensions 195  x 25 mm 
Weight 180 g
Operating temperature -5°C to 45°C

Additional Information

Destination use Amateur, Professional
Type of effect Optic
Get rid of Birds
Manufacturer Bird Control Group
Manufactured from Metallic
Formulations No
Packaging 1 piece
Odor No
Usage Area Outdoor
Weight (Kg) 0.1800

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