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birchmeier sprayer electro ar 252 - 2, thumbnail

Birchmeier ElectroAR252


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birchmeier sprayer electro ar 252 - 2

  • birchmeier sprayer electro ar 252 - 2
  • birchmeier sprayer electro ar 252 - 2

Birchmeier ElectroAR252

Birchmeier ElectroAR252


In stock

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Product information

Birchmeier ElectroAR 252 is a motorized sprayer on gasoline with handle for spraying, tank of 130 liters and 2 piston engine 252 AR. The large capacity tank (130 liters) is ideal for parks or wide garden areas. The tank is transparent and has a spraying drainage residual hole. The included high-performance handle for motorized sprayers uses high transmission and high pressure for a fine and long distance spray.

- electric motor(1.1 kW / 230 V / 50 Hz);
- operating pressure up to 25 bar;
- max spraying distance: 8-10 metres.
- outlet pressure;
- flow 25 l/min;
- pressure regulation between 6/12/18/25 bar;
- removable handle and circulatory system pumping agitator, which prevents clogging;
- 4.5 liter detachable tank of water;
- trolley with hose of 50 m;
- optimized center of gravity;
- the certificate in accordance with the rules of the European Communities;
- weight: 56 kg;
- the handle is suitable for operations with a pressure of up to 40 bar;
- can be used with a single hand;
- the methods of spraying can be changed from jet to fog;
- the handle includes 6 discs for jet and 2 swirl cores (2 circular channels for discs with the size of 1 to 2 mm and 6 channels for opening with a diameter of 3 mm);
- the spray width is approximately 3 meters through the mist and 6 meters for jet spraying type;
- fitting thread G ½ ";
- the length of the handle 30 cm.



Pos. Descriere
1  Tank
2  Protective cover
3  Filling filter
4  Wheel
5  Electric Pump AR 252
6  Flexible hose
7  Dust suction hose
8  Hose clip 16-27
9  Hose clip 20-32
10  Suction filter
11  Closing cap
12  Flat seal 39x31x2
13  Hose reel
14  Bolt  nut hose




Additional Information

Weight (Kg) 56.0000
Dimensions No
Manufacturer Birchmeier
Manufactured from Plastic
Apparatus Type Sprayers
Apparatus Mobility Self Carried
Tank Capacity over 30 liters
Power Petrol Engine
Color White
Usage Area Outdoor

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